Incessant spinning usually happens in two scenarios: switching from cable to Wi-Fi, and setup by using SmartScan.

Setup by SmartScan

As a matter of fact, we DO NOT recommend you to set up the camera by using SmartScan. The main reason is it's prone to incorrect inputs, either incorrect SSID or incorrect password.

When tapping SmartScan, two inputs--Wi-FI SSID and its password--are needed for creating the bar code. By default the HiKam app obtains the Wi-Fi SSID that your smartphone is currently using. In case your Wi-Fi router supports dual band, smartphones like iPhone, prioritizes 5GHz frequency, which the camera cannot support. Consequently, the bar code generated by HiKam app contains the Wi-Fi SSID that the camera cannot support. With this bar code as input, the camera is unable to join the network. What it reflects on the HiKam app is you see the incessant spinning. Of course other scenario such as incorrect password will cause an incessant spinning.

If the incessant spinning happens, you need to reset the camera and start from scratch.

How to reset the camera.

Switching from cable to Wi-Fi

When switching from cable connection to Wi-Fi connect, the app will prompt you to input the password for the specified Wi-Fi in the Wi-Fi list. Because all Wi-Fi SSIDs in the Wi-Fi list is detected by the camera, the 5GHz frequency Wi-Fi SSID will not be detected by camera, hence cannot be listed. 

In this scenario, most of the spinning error is caused by incorrect WiFi password, especially when you are using an Android phone. In many scenarios, Android OS add a blank space at the end of string. That cause the password you input to be added a blank. What you should do is counting the length of the password. If it's one ore than the correct length should be, simply removing the last character.

If the incessant spinning happens, unplug and plug the Ethernet cable. The camera will join the network by the Ethernet cable. If you want to switch to Wi-Fi, follow the instruction below. And double check every signal character typed in the text box.